Moore Hall Update

At Monday’s City Council agenda meeting Commissioner Chris Mathiesen announced he was putting on his Tuesday night agenda a proposal to have a special workshop on the Moore Hall conversion.  He was supported by Michele Madigan.  Madigan noted that the Zoning Board of Appeals would be meeting on the following Monday to review the project so it would be important to have the event as soon as possible.  Mayor Yepsen and Commissioner Franck were not at the meeting.  Skip Scirocco offered no opposition.

I want to thank the many people who apparently emailed the Council members over the weekend urging support for Commissioner Mathiesen.

All of the original signs (48) opposing the Moore Hall conversion were picked up within days so the group has printed another batch.  A drive through the neighborhoods is quite an eye opener.

A banner has been positioned in front of Moore Hall.


The petition drive continues.  If you want to sign the on-line petition you can do so here.

 Petition Link


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