Moore Hall: Making An Important Issue The Attention It Deserves And What You Can Do

As many of you know who have read my blog, I am not enamored of our land use boards.  Heavily dominated by past Mayor Scott Johnson’s appointments, they are mostly representatives of the real estate and construction industries.  The idea that these boards are made up of impartial people who carefully consider all arguments is an illusion quickly dispelled by those who suffer through their meetings.

In that context, the people concerned about Moore Hall are organizing to bring the members of the City Council to the neighborhood where the building is located to bring this issue before a public forum for a serious discussion.  Hopefully, this will not only be a lively and fairer discussion but it is hoped that it will make it more difficult for the Zoning Board Of Appeals to simply do the bidding of an influential developer.

Commissioner Chris Mathiesen will be bringing this to the agenda meeting on Monday (tomorrow) morning and will also be discussing it on his agenda at Tuesday night’s City Council meeting. 

It would be great to use this type of event as a precedent for future projects.  Consider that today it is the neighborhood around Moore Hall; tomorrow it might be your neighborhood.  Whether you agree with the concerns of the neighbors in this case, I hope you will support the need for them to get a proper hearing.

Please contact the Mayor and members of the Council (preferably today) to urge them to support Commissioner Mathiesen.

This is a link that will allow you to email the members of the council or call them.  Link To Email Or Call Council

3 thoughts on “Moore Hall: Making An Important Issue The Attention It Deserves And What You Can Do”

  1. Zoning Board of Appeals member Cilff VanWaggoner’s assertion that the only topic citizens can speak to regarding Moore Hall is parking clearly demonstrates his incompetence. As citizens, we have every right to speak to the myriad of issues with Bonancio’s proposal for Moore Hall. That the plans do not meet Code, that the density and access will be detrimental to public safety are both serious and reasonable concerns. Since Charter Change isn’t possible I’d like to suggest a charter amendment — that future land use board appointments require approval of the entire council.


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