Old And New Friends


I am finally back from Louisiana and away from a hotel that basically made it impossible to properly update my blog.

I thought people would enjoy this picture from the trip.  We were fishing in a bayou about twenty-five miles from the mainland when a bird alighted on my foot.  We think it was a yellow bellied sapsucker.  It proceeded to perch on all three of us in the boat at different times.  My friend, Ron Boutin is an avid bird watcher and thinks it was a young bird.  It was probably using us to rest.

I have a number of pieces to write and will be working on them this weekend.  Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “Old And New Friends”

  1. Nice pic of Ron! In the lower Keys that was pretty common on our skiffs, especially after a long hard blow, when there was a migration in progress. Fun stuff.


    Edward Michaels 850-653-6161



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