John Safford Responds To The Sign Violations

John Safford sent the following response to my query of him over the sign violations:

“HI John,

I just posted this to my Facebook page.

I have been receiving calls from media asking my opinion on the electronic signs that have appeared along the main streets of the city. I have responded that I have no idea who put them up and, frankly, have been flattered that someone thought well enough of my candidacy to support it in such a creative way. However, it has come to my attention that they might be in violation of some city ordinances and if they are, think that they should be removed.”

I have mentioned in previous posts that I like John and he is more forthright than most candidates.  This attempt at wit seems particularly misplaced for someone who wants to be the mayor of this city.  His coy suggestion that he does not know who is putting these signs up and his passive response to doing something about it belies his effort to portray himself as a straight and principled shooter.  I would have expected him, based on my past interactions, to have said he would act with all speed to see that they are removed.

One thought on “John Safford Responds To The Sign Violations”

  1. So what does this say also about the brilliant movers and shakers of this city who are PAC members? Either they were ignorant of the law when they decided to put these signs up or they decided to go ahead even though they knew it was illegal thinking they would get some mileage out them before they had to take them down.

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