Crime Wave Hits City: Illegal Signs And No One Knows Who Is Behind Them


This sign is on Washington Street beyond the post office.

This sign on behalf of Safford and Wirth is being used in a residential zone where the maximum size of a political sign is 4 sq. ft.  This is considerably larger.  it has been positioned very close to the traffic lane on outer Washington St. and is in the City right-of-way.


This sign is just off the arterial where you make the turn north on 9

This sign is located on Route 50/9 and is much larger that the 16 sq. ft. that would be allowed in a commercial zone.


This sign is on South Broadway where the Country Gentleman used to be

This sign is located on Route 50/9 and is much larger that the 16 sq. ft. that would be allowed in a commercial zone.

John Safford

I sent an email to John Safford pointing out that the signs violated the city sign ordinances and asking him whether he was responsible for these signs.  I did not hear from him.  I went up on his Facebook page to post the same question and to make sure I had reached him.  When I did I discovered that Chris Mathiesen had already posted there telling him that the signs were illegal.

RIck Wirth

I emailed Rick Wirth advising him that the signs were in violation of the city’s sign ordinances and asking him whether he was responsible for the signs.  He emailed me back within five minutes the following:

“John,   The answer to your question is “no”. The signs that my campaign have are the Lawn signs that you see. The white, red &  blue signs.”

I promptly emailed him back:

Thanks for getting back to me so promptly.  Do you know who put these signs up?  If it was the PAC, will you ask them to remove them?”

He emailed me back:

“I have no knowledge of what you are referring to”

I then emailed him back with the particulars of where the signs were and what they said.  He responded as follows:

“I can’t ask someone to remove a sign because I have no knowledge of who put up a sign & I can’t make assumptions. The only signs that I have knowledge to date are the lawn signs that were similar to mine in the last election that you had erected on your property.”

Mr. Wirth is running to become the Commissioner of Public Safety.  One would think that he would be quite concerned that someone is violating the laws of this city on his behalf.  Maybe he thinks that he will benefit from this as further proof of the current crime wave in the city.

3 thoughts on “Crime Wave Hits City: Illegal Signs And No One Knows Who Is Behind Them”

  1. HI John,

    I just posted this to my Facebook page.

    I have been receiving calls from media asking my opinion on the electronic signs that have appeared along the main streets of the city. I have responded that I have no idea who put them up and, frankly, have been flattered that someone thought well enough of my candidacy to support it in such a creative way. However, it has come to my attention that they might be in violation of some city ordinances and if they are, think that they should be removed.


  2. Thanks, John, for your query of Mr. Wirth, who claims to be a private investigator yet has no interest in following up on criminal activity that benefits him. More proof that he os unfit for public office.


  3. I was very confused when I saw those signs. I had the impression that that form of communication is ONLY used by municipalities. It seems that the PAC was behind it and, if so, that is super dirty politics — breaking the law in fact – and they should be fined.


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