City Demorats Respond To Saratoga (Super) PAC’s Endorsement

Ellen Kiehl who serves on the executive committee of the city Democratic Party sent me the releases shown below.
I think it is very important that these candidates have all spoken against “super PACs” in general and Saratoga PAC in particular. I congratulate them on their leadership on this issue. I still find it quite troubling that a group dedicated to opening the greenbelt to more intense development felt comfortable endorsing Franck, Madigan, and McTygue.

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3 thoughts on “City Demorats Respond To Saratoga (Super) PAC’s Endorsement”

  1. If Bill McTygue is willing to work bipartisan, why is he not able to work with Mr. Safford, who is NOT the ‘crazy BUILD! BUILD! BUILD!’ person they say he is? Or why is he supporting former city council members who were already voted out by the public over his own party members the public has voted in twice now over them?

    Smell the coffee Saratoga. All these candidates have is rhetoric, because they have already shown us they don’t have anything else to run on. Stick with what has worked: the bipartisan trio of Mathiesen, Madigan and Scirocco, and someone that WILL end the chaos in city hall and ‘build smart’, rather than wherever and whenever people say: John Safford.


  2. It’s kind of pathetic to see the Democratic Committee and some of its candidates trying to desperately disentangle themselves from the toxic embrace of the Saratoga PAC. Yes, these Dems have all spoken out against the evils of Super PACs in general and the Saratoga PAC in particular and that is a good thing. But except for Chris Mathiesen, none have objected to the specific agenda of the Saratoga PAC which, as they have made clear, is in general to open up the greenbelt to development and more specifically and importantly to let Saratoga National Golf Course expand their facility to include retail and hotel space and more, all currently not allowed in the Conservation District. The Saratoga PAC looked for Council members who they thought would make this happen. They chose Republicans Safford and Wirth and Democrats Madigan, Franck, and McTygue. It’s not surprising that having endorsed Democrats they see as their friends they have launched their first attack on someone who is and always has been clearly opposed to SNGC’s plans and the staunchest Democratic protector of the greenbelt on the Council –Chris Mathiesen. Look for their sleazy mailing in support of Rick Wirth in your mailbox. It’s actually clearly identified as coming from the Saratoga PAC.


  3. Then why didn’t they pick Ivins, who is now telling people he is for the SNGC expansion? But then again, even the republicans don’t want anything to do with Ivins…


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