Mayor Yepsen’s Fund Raiser: Oy!

Mayor Yepsen scheduled a fundraiser at Saratoga National Golf Course.  In light of the fact that her office is supposed to be investigating allegations from this blog about violations of land-use agreements with the city, one might have expected that she would chose a less charged location for her fundraiser.

The fundraiser, as the flyer below documents, was supposed to be held on Tuesday, October 13.  On Friday it was brought to her attention that the date she selected was the same night that the League of Women Voters is hosting a forum for the candidates for Commissioner of Public Safety and Public Works.  She has changed it to Thursday, October 15, still at SNGC.


3 thoughts on “Mayor Yepsen’s Fund Raiser: Oy!”

  1. Holding the fund raiser at the SNGC may be an attempt to neutralize what is expected to be Saratoga PAC’s support for candidates who would like to see the club’s expansion plans come to fruition. It gives the impression of being sympathetic to the club without being explicitly supportive of their plans. So, while it may just be a ruse, it also risks alienating those who are opposed to the expansion.

    The skilled politician is like a chess player who always looks several moves ahead. It’s possible that this may be one of those moves, but the proof will be after the election when the issue is expected to be back before the City Council for a vote.


    1. This could be a case of the well-intentioned reporter looking for ulterior motives when there really are none. Still, given the hot potato that the SNGC’s plans have become, a more neutral venue might be more appropriate.


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