Of PACs, Surveys, And Saratoga National Golf Course

The always interesting Thomas Dimopoulos has a comprehensive article on the Saratoga PAC that you can find on the Hill Country Observer website   Article On PAC

There is also an excellent editorial on the same website regarding the Saratoga National Golf Course controversy.  Great Editorial


Saratoga PAC is having a community reception at the Holiday Inn on Tuesday, October 20th. (This is the same place that the Republicans use for their election eve gatherings).  They are apparently going to report on their endorsements and the results of their survey.  It will be from 5:00 to 6:30 PM.  They are asking for a $25.00 contribution to attend.  This is where you can register to attend.

Your Invitation To Saratoga PAC’s Reception

Saratoga PAC claims to have received a thousand responses to their survey.  Just to give those of you who missed it a flavor for the survey you are only allowed the following responses:

Respond on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the most important.

Level of Importance

  • 1 – Not Relevant
  • 2 – Somewhat Important
  • 3 – Important
  • 4 – Very Important
  • 5 – Extremely Important–Key Issue

And here is a sample question:

  1. Approve a zoning change for Saratoga National Golf Club to enable the creation of a 5-Star resort golf destination, helping the region compete more effectively for conference and tourism revenue.

Aside from the assumptions built into the question, what would it mean to answer “Extremely Important?”  Could Extremely Important indicate that you think it is an extremely bad idea?  Is there any way to indicate that you think it is a bad idea?  Is this the way to really find out what people in this city think about these issues?


Joseph Levy and I have been working very hard on analyzing the data submitted by city candidates to the Board of Elections regarding their donors.  This has turned out to be a very large project for two reasons.

First, my second career was as a computer programmer.  I have been hard at work writing a software package that can import the data from the state and put it in a readable format for the readers of this blog with further documentation about who the donors are.  Once I have the software written, it will be very easy to regularly report to the followers of this blog about this data.  It has, like many projects, turned out to be larger and more time consuming than I had anticipated.

Second, looking up all these people and businesses to identify who they are is quite challenging.

Once we get it all done, we will be publishing it and I think the readers of this blog will find it quite entertaining.

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