Mayor Yepsen Responds On Saratoga National Golf Course’s Violations… Sort of

I received the following email from Mayor Yepsen regarding the Saratoga National Golf Course violations:

From: Joanne Yepsen []
Sent: Tuesday, October 06, 2015 1:13 PM
To: John Kaufmann
Cc: <>; John Franck; Skip Sciroco;
Subject: Re: Saratoga National Golf Course

John, thanks very much for bringing this to our attention. My staff have been looking into all the
questions and concerns and we will be back in touch soon. The City may need to tighten up or update
the 1998 language and be sure everyone follows the rules. More to come… Thank you.

I responded as follows:

From: John Kaufmann []
Sent: Tuesday, October 06, 2015 9:28 PM
Cc: ‘’; John Franck (johnfranck@your-; ‘Skip Sciroco’; ‘’
Subject: Saratoga National Golf Course Violations

Thank you for your email.  Unfortunately, your response referenced important issues but did not
actually address them.  I know that you pride yourself on your office’s transparency and its open door
policy.  I would like to avail myself of these by meeting with you at your earliest convenience to better
understand what your office has done so far and what it plans to do regarding Saratoga National Golf
Course’s apparent violations.  I am intrigued by your reference that “The City may need to tighten up
or update the 1998 language.”  It would also be helpful to know you and your staff’s thinking about
how to assess the “Western Trail” compliance and the kind of measures you are considering that
would allow you to determine how many “special events” are held out at Saratoga National Golf

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