Candidate Safford Responds To Questions About Saratoga National Golf Course

[Note: While new posts automatically go out to the “followers” of this blog, comments do not.  With that in mind I am posting John Safford’s response to my inquiry to him about Saratoga National Golf Course’s violation of their Special Use Permit]

Hi John,

I do follow your blog and was held in suspense while you and your friend sought out the Western trail at National. I was a little disappointed that you didn’t mention the well done Eastern trail when you talked at the council meeting.
I was not a little concerned to hear that the number of events were limited at National . I have attended many not-for-profit fund raisers there and would not like to see them stopped. However, agreements need to be lived up to or they need to be modified.
As you know my numerous conversations with residents in the area reflect an irritation with the many fireworks displays at National and, even more importantly with the general traffic problems at either end of Gilbert Road. Frankly, almost all of the people I talked with like and use National regularly.
From what I understand (except for the Eastern Trail), National has met or exceeded its promises to bring a hi-end golf course to the Eastern Ridge. As Mayor, I will bring up the agreement and see if there is reason to modify it.

4 thoughts on “Candidate Safford Responds To Questions About Saratoga National Golf Course”

  1. Johnny, the developers are pacing back and forth waiting to start digging at the SNGC like a lions getting ready to pounce on a gazelle . PLAN , Yepsen, ( Saratoga’s version of Neville Chamberlin) , concern about the green belt , will get pushed out of the way by people motivated solely by money. Look at the west side of town , if you have a small house or a fifties ranch style …you know they will be torn down and replaced by a tasteless castle lite. Stay safe, Joey Madrid

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  2. We already have a hotel and excellent golf course in the Green Belt — the Gideon, which needs to be brought up to speed. Saratoga PAC would serve our collective interests by bringing the Gideon up to 5 stars, and redeveloping South Broadway, IMNO. Also — the take-away I get from Safford comment — he interacts primarily with those who can afford to golf @ SNGC.


  3. Mr. Safford, you note that in your conversations with residents living near SNGC that they told you they are irritated by the fireworks and traffic produced by SNGC yet love to golf there. But that is exactly the point. No one is complaining about the quality of golfing out there. The problem is that they have overreached in their desire to make even more money from “special events” so that even those who use and enjoy their greens are annoyed. Imagine how folks out there will feel if SNGC gets to become a real resort. Goodbye peace and tranquility.


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