Saratoga National Golf Course: Interesting Article From Albany Business Journal

A friend sent me this article from the Albany Business Review Biz Article. It had some interesting things in it. For one thing, they boast that they host one hundred and twenty weddings a year. I have heard that when you contact them about their hosting a wedding, right at the beginning they let you know that $50,000.00 is not unusual. I would love to know what their gross income is from events they put on as compared to their golfing program. It also notes that the green fees for a round of golf in August are $220.00.

What is more significant is the overall tone of Mr. Newkirk about expansion. Those of us ancient enough to remember when they built the golf course how they emphasized how modest an impact they would have. I would say “ambitious” would be a fair characterization of their posture today.

Not a very flattering picture of Newkirk and Mazzone on the site either.  Photograph

One thought on “Saratoga National Golf Course: Interesting Article From Albany Business Journal”

  1. Newkirk and Mazzone look like their partnership should be called “Engulf and Devour” taken form the Mel Brooks movie “Silent Movie” . It’s the name he gave the villainous, greedy movie studio.

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