Blogger Fails To Live Up To His Own Standards And Offers Apology To Damaged Parties

I received an email from Charlie Brown taking me to task regarding my post about the mayor meeting with the Saratoga PAC seeking their support.  He asserts that she made clear at the city Democratic Committee that while she met with the PAC, she did not want their support.  He also provided me with an email he indicates she sent to the Saratoga PAC spelling this out.

I have checked with three sources that were at the meeting that said this is not the case.  It doesn’t really matter at this point.

I needed to fully acknowledge that I should have tried to reach the mayor to verify from her what occurred at the meeting with Saratoga PAC.  Below is the text of the email that Mr. Brown said that she sent the PAC:

Dear Mr. Manz and the Saratoga PAC,


Thank you for your email and invitation to meet.  I look forward to seeing you at 3:30 p.m. on Friday, September 18, 2015 at the Holiday Inn.  As Mayor, I’ve made it a practice to meet with any individual or group who is interested in city affairs and has ideas or opinions on how we can work together to make Saratoga Springs continue to reach its full potential. No matter one’s background, politics, economic status, position on issues, color, sexual orientation–I always am willing to listen. In that spirit, I look forward to meeting with you as well. My Campaign Manager, Will Sharry, and my Campaign Treasurer, Jeffrey Altamari, will accompany me.


I stand proudly on my record and convictions and I believe it is the job of the Mayor to listen to all and be open to working with anyone. My elected oath to the 28,000 residents of our city is to do my best for the city and represent all. I take that oath seriously. 


Although, I am eager to have continuing discussions with you and incorporate your ideas, I do have serious concerns with the growing influence of big money PACs and the undue influence they can bring upon our local elections and unnecessarily divide our city and community further.  I am running, as I ran two years ago and for the last 10 years I have served in public office, a grassroots, independent campaign. As always, my goal is to hear from all sides and lead the City to bring ideas and people together in our final decisions. This year is no exception.


It is important for everyone to be included, with $1 and up in contributions, with volunteering, and with their votes. I am glad we are meeting to clarify my record, update you on my positions, hear your ideas how we can make Saratoga Springs even better, and more effectively work together and represent you; however I am not seeking your endorsement or financial support.


Please let me know who will be attending from the Saratoga PAC. 


Thank you for your commitment and interest in our city’s future.



Mayor Joanne Yepsen

It was my responsibility to have checked with the Mayor and had I done so, I assume I would have learned about this email.  I believe that accuracy in these matters is extremely important and that I have done Mayor Yepsen a serious disservice for which I fully, publically apologize.

In addition, it is important for me to acknowledge that based on Bob Turner’s comment, it was unfair of me to characterize Mr. Sharry as inexperienced.  According to Mr. Turner, in spite of his age, he has been involved in a number of significant campaigns.

This is not a case that “mistakes were made.” I am fully responsible for misrepresenting Mayor Yepsen on this issue.

9 thoughts on “Blogger Fails To Live Up To His Own Standards And Offers Apology To Damaged Parties”

  1. Thank you John for setting the record straight.
    I have known Charlie Brown for more than 12 years. I have much respect and admiration for him. His honesty and sincerity are beyond reproach.


  2. John,
    An apology in cyberspace is a rare thing. Few do it who should. Some who do, offer too much of an apology.
    What does this paragraph mean: “I have checked with three sources that were at the meeting that said this is not the case. It doesn’t really matter at this point.”
    Which meeting does it refer to? Which statement was incorrect? Why doesn’t it matter if an assertion was not true?
    And why doesn’t it matter that the Mayor met with the PAC? It is accurate to point out how disingenuous it is of the Mayor to show up at a PAC meeting she was invited to but say she didn’t want their support. That’s the sort of doublespeak the Mayor has become infamous for.

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  3. Robert, people like you are the reason politics are dysfunctional. Your Ted Cruz Ben Carson type ideological litmus tests are extreme and divisive. Did you read her letter? She has an open door policy and meets with anyone interested in city affairs. Despite your supreme confidence in your own righteousness, other people have ideas and opinions they have a right to express as well, no matter how much you or the Mayor might disagree with them. It’s the job of a leader and Mayor to meet with everyone and bring us and our disparate ideas closer together.

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  4. If you INTERVIEW you are meeting with them on THEIR terms, not your own. There is NO OTHER EXCUSE. She could have brought an army with her. She still met with them. It was not the way to handle the situation. And she went as a CANDIDATE, NOT as a mayor. She brought her campaign staff, not her city hall staff!!!

    It is a completely different situation to be INTERVIEWED by them. She agreed to be INTERVIEWED. It’s ‘dancing with the devil’. You already KNOW what they want. They INTERVIEW for a specific purpose. You can say that you don’t want their support, but yet you go to an INTERVIEW for it. It isn’t just to have a cocktail. They want to OWN YOU. THAT is how they operate.

    Yes, I understand that it is her job to meet with everyone as MAYOR, but she went as a CANDIDATE, make NO mistake about that.

    This entire situation could have been handled MUCH better be her. Example:

    “Dear Mr. Manz and the Saratoga PAC,

    I regret to inform you that I am not willing to be interviewed by your group. However, will gladly discuss any issues you may have because as mayor, it has always been my policy to have an open door, ect……”

    NOW they are coming to YOUR door, on YOUR terms, and a statement is made that you are willing to deal with them just as you would anyone else, but you refuse to acknowledge the PAC itself.

    I also spoke out directly to the council on this issue, and asked them to stand as one, but only one council member spoke up in favor of this, and it was not Joanne (it was Chris Mathiesen).

    She lost my vote. Again.


  5. Interesting statement from the Mayor. She tells the PAC she is interested in”incoporating their ideas” and she wants to learn how she can “more effectively……represent you[thePAC].” Wow. So this was just a little sit down chat with a constituent? And what if she had constituents who were members of the KKK? The “I’ll just sit down with anyone” stuff is just so much political blah, blah,blah. Just how does she plan to “incorporate” SNGC’s ideas? She has yet to tell we her constituents how she will vote on their plans to expand. I wonder if she told them?

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  6. Dave, you must have a big brain. You are supporting the Republican who is foaming at the mouth for the PAC’s support because the Mayor met with them after telling them she did not want their support. Makes a lot of sense. I imagine that logic gets you very far in life.


    1. I have sent an email to Toga Old Timer regarding his comment. I have asked that he be less personal in his exchanges with people on this site. I am fairly tolerant of attacks on me but I would like the people on this site who comment to feel confident that people who disagree with them will do so courteously. Toga Old Timer has some fun insights to contribute and I hope he is not offended in this matter,


      1. John – you mean this isn’t like the Saratogian where the same 10 right-wing bloggers who post incognito tell everyone how *stoopid* everyone else is while every message disagreeing with them is usually deleted?? How refreshing!! 🙂


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