Mayor Yepsen: Where Transparency Would Really Count

According to the November 16, 2013, edition of the Saratogian, Joanne Yepsen beat Shauna Sutton by only 342 votes in what the headline characterized as a close race.  This was when Scott Johnson was very unpopular and Ms. Sutton had been his deputy.  The unofficial tally was 4,123 for Yepsen and 3,781 for Shauna Sutton.  Link To Article

There is a distinct irony that John Safford is running on a platform based on the repeated slogan of transparency.  As most people may remember, this was exactly the same theme that Mayor Yepsen ran on.  

John Safford has made it quite clear where he stands on the proposed changes in the zoning laws and the Comprehensive Plan that the Council is considering (see August 31 post “John Safford Responds To Questions About Amendment To Zoning Law and Comprehensive Plan.”)   He stated, “I would have approved the hotel at National long before the convoluted process that has unfolded subsequently.”  You may not agree with him but he doesn’t pull any punches.  If Mayor Yepsen were to come out clearly and boldly against the changes she would obviously address the transparency issue by matching Safford in her willingness to be upfront with the public about where she stands.  More importantly, she would be able make the defense of the greenbelt the defining issue in the election and distinguish herself from Safford.  Saratogians believe strongly in the value of our greenbelt and the need to protect it.  The Mayor has spoken eloquently in defense of the greenbelt in the past.   Were Mayor Yepsen to define this election on the issue of protecting the greenbelt , I think she would win the election decisively.  If she waffles, she gives Safford a weapon against her.  He can argue that on this central and controversial issue, the voters have a right to know where the candidates stand.  He can point out his own willingness to be straight with the voters and contrast himself with Mayor Yepsen.

One thought on “Mayor Yepsen: Where Transparency Would Really Count”

  1. Hi John. Since transparency is on of the mayor’s top priority, when will she be calling for that investigation into that land sale out to the dump, that is going to cost a million dollars. She was very quick to respond to Billy’s call for the comptroller investigation, giving him bull crap to campaign on, even though the comptroller has expanded the investigation into their tenure
    And several documents exist showing that they were charging for water usage, using existing tap language when no existing taps were there, and fudging the amount of money collected.. Quite simply the guy is campaigning that his opponent is being investigated, when in fact he is under the same investigation.

    She also called out an investigation into the collamer lot deal, so Wirth, ivin$, and Billy could use that against their opponents in a campaign, when the ag has to look at any deal with religious entities…So the real question would be, is she going to call an investigation on members of her own inner circle, or not? The land deal out to the dump was by far, worse then either of those two incidents.. The then administration, headed by Tom and Bill Mctygue, allowed city landfill property to be sold to John Stark, a wellknow business associate of Tom. I find the mayor’s lack of transparency and willingness to go after personal associates troublesome. She has created several problems with the council and allows members of this inner circle to regularly break meeting rules and attack council
    Members. So. Will she be transparent and call for the ag to investigate why the city is now on the hook for the million dollar cleanup?

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