S.A.V.E. Is Back!

I received this release from the folks at Saratogians Against Vegas Style Expansion (Welcome back):


September 15, 2015

Election Season Heats Up: SAVE Saratoga Steps Back into The Ring

Saratoga Springs, NY – As election season heats up in Saratoga Springs and the contentious divide surrounding development in the Greenbelt draws new candidates and never before seen PAC’s to the arena, SAVE Saratoga speaks out with their enduring mission and commitment to the citizens they represented in 2014 to keep casino gaming and on-going development threats out of the city.  “SAVE will play a role in the upcoming election because we made a promise to the thousands of citizens who trusted us to organize and keep a casino and destination resort out of our city.  We’re presenting for public record tonight, for the first time, the handwritten signatures of those more than 5,000 people.  They are still here.  And we are still here”, said Colin Klepetar, co-founder of the advocacy organization during Tuesday evening’s City Council meeting.

SAVE Saratoga will be presenting each local candidate for the November election a survey which they will use to create a voters favorability scale.  The questions will reflect the group’s ongoing mission to protect the city from increased gambling and development that is at odds with local control and which threatens our downtown district.  The results of the survey will be shared widely with the public.

“These signatures should be a powerful reminder to our City Council members, Mayor and candidates.  In total, our grassroots organization gathered 5,879 signatures in just over five months, going door-to-door, talking to folks at the farmer’s markets and local events,  and at organizing meetings.  5,879, is significant because since 2003 (that’s as far back as we could find records for on the Saratoga County Board of Elections website) no other County Supervisor, Mayor or Commissioner has received that many votes of support.  Even when they have been unopposed.  SAVE Saratoga has a massive following and because Saratoga Springs will always be an attractive outpost for gambling and outside interests, we must stay vigilant and we must continue to educate and organize the public,” said Klepetar.

SAVE Saratoga’s Enduring Mission:

SAVE Saratoga is committed to maintaining and protecting the outcomes of our successful campaign in 2014 to keep full-scale table gaming and a destination resort casino out of Saratoga Springs. SAVE will continue to work on behalf of the over 5,000 citizens who spoke up to affect this protection. Moving forward, SAVE Saratoga will work to educate the community on ongoing issues related to full-scale table gaming and destination resort casinos, as well as development that is at odds with local control and which threatens our downtown district; create transparency between candidates for local elections and the citizens of Saratoga County; and, collaborate with local organizations, elected officials and citizens to ensure the protection of the City’s Downtown Core as the driver of our local economy and the unique and historically successful balance of the City in the Country.

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