John Franck Sets Hearing On Changes In Zoning Law and Comp Plan For Saratoga National Golf Course

At the last City Council meeting, John Franck announcedthat there would be a public hearing on the new language in the city zoning code and in the city comprehensive plan to allow resorts in the city’s conservation district at 6:45 pm on September 15th.  This would be prior to the regular council meeting at 7:00.  I think it may take more than fifteen minutes for the public to weigh in on this.

He told the Gazette Newspaper that he hoped the city council would vote on it that same night.

If you care about trying to protect the greenbelt I would urge you to contact members of the city council and to speak at the hearing.  Chris Mathiesen and Skip Scirocco have already stated they are against the change.  John Franck has stated he is for it.  The two potential swing votes are Madigan and Yepsen.

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