Much Thanks

I want to thank all of you who have supported my blog by visiting it or by establishing yourselves as “followers” so that you automatically receive my posts via email.

The good news is that it has become a huge success.  Yesterday I had over 500 people visit my blog and they had 831 views which means in blog parlance that they looked at 831 posts.  In addition to this I have over sixty followers so about 560 people read posts on that day.  In a city of 28,000 that is a very impressive number and the kind of people who visit my site are the kinds of people who engage others in conversation about our city.

I hope the blog will become an increasingly positive force for both informing our community and for holding our elected officials accountable.

Tomorrow I will be leaving for my annual fly fishing trip to the Canadian Rockies.  Jane and our dogs will still be here in Saratoga to monitor the goings on.  In addition, I will receive the usual helpful emails from people assisting me in learning what is going on.  I plan to find time in the evenings to continue my posts but there may not be as many.


A lot of clothes and fishing equipment ready to go west.


7 thoughts on “Much Thanks”

  1. You will have a good time and needed respite. Read you when you return. Thank you for all you so. Martha Strohl

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  2. How dare you leave us now!!! Seriously – thanks John for what you do, and enjoy your vacation – but hurry up already, would you? There’s a primary coming up, you know? 🙂


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