The Publisher of Saratoga Today…OMG!

With the Saratogian on the verge of extinction, many think that the free weekly “Saratoga Today” has a larger circulation.

Its publisher, Chad Beatty, began a column in this week’s edition titled “From the Publisher’s Desk…Rants and Rave” by offering that he wanted to share some thoughts with all of us.  This is what he shared.

“Apparently I am not the only one who finds it refreshing to hear a candidate who speaks from his gut and doesn’t dance around questions to appease constituents.  Win, lose, or draw, maybe Trump’s meteoric rise will lead the way for a new generation of politicians who buck the status quo.  Enough with the Bushs, Clintons, and lifelong career politicians!  I want fresh ideas and a bold vision to get our country back on track”

Yes, Mr. Beatty, unfortunately you are not the only one who is impressed with Mr. Trump.  Regrettably, for all of us, you happen to be the publisher of a newspaper.

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