Saratoga County Fails To Comply With FOIL Law

On June 8, 2015 I emailed the clerk of the Saratoga County Board of Supervisors requesting all documents associated with the hiring of Dr. Michael Prezioso as director of the county mental health department.  In addition I requested documents relating to the mission and operation of the Community Services Board including their bylaws and minutes of their meetings.  On June 12, I received an email from the clerk indicating they would respond to my request the week of July 6.  They are allowed twenty business days.  Since the time allowed by law had elapsed, I contacted the clerk today.  She had no idea what was going on and transferred me to Steven Dorsey, the county attorney.  He said he was unaware of a problem but after checking his records, he said he would review the situation and have the clerk contact me.

FOIL says that if an institution fails to respond by the required dates that they have in effect denied the request and the committee advise that a follow up letter to the FOIL appeals officer be sent.  The county web site does not identify who is the appeals officer.  I therefore sent an email to the clerk initiating the appeal and asking that she forward my appeal to the appropriate person.

The County now has ten days to respond to my appeal.  In the event that they should deny my appeal, they are required to notify me and to forward to the New York State Committee on Open Government my appeal and their response.

Given that Peter Martin and Matt Veitch have refused to answer my questions, it will be interesting to see how the county responds.

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