Peter Martin and Matt Veitch: A Stunning Contempt For Transparency And Openness:

As documented on this blog, the county has done its best to discourage any public acknowledgement or discussion of the issues surrounding the department of mental health’s many problems.  The July 5th post of this blog contained a letter to Peter Martin and Matt Veitch asking for them to address the issue in their regular report to the city council yesterday, July 7.  When I discovered that neither Martin nor Veitch had included the issue in their agenda for the meeting, I texted Peter Martin inquiring as to why it was not included.  He never responded to my text.

In order to avoid any confusion, I went to the city council meeting and, with both men present, during the public comment period, asked that in their report they address the issue.  The following is a copy of my remarks:

I sent a memo to Matt Veitch and Peter Martin in which I documented that the county government violated the New York State Mental Hygiene law when they, rather than the Community Services Board hired Dr. Michael Prezioso as director of the Department of Mental Health.  I asked them in their report to the City Council tonight to address this issue.

I know that Mayor Yepsen’s campaign focused on the issue of transparency.  It seems eminently reasonable for our supervisors to address the apparent discrepancy between the public record and not only the state law but statements made by the county administrator and our own supervisor, Matt Veitch.  I am hoping that our supervisors will reconsider and add this question to their reports.  If they do not I would be grateful if someone from this council would assist me and this community by respectfully requesting that they address the issue.

Thank  you

Neither supervisor addressed the issue.  Peter Martin gave an upbeat report about the coming county fair.

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