Correction To Previous Blog On Mayor Kim’s Confrontation With Jason Tetu

This blog reported that Saratoga Springs Mayor Ron Kim had been referred to the police desk sergeant to make his complaint against someone who allegedly emailed threats to him and someone in his family. I wrote in the blog that the desk sergeant reviewed the emails and that none of them rose to the level of threat requiring police action, and this was what provoked Kim’s angry outburst in City Hall.

In fact, the video released by the police tells a slightly different story. Apparently, Kim first called Deputy Public Safety Commissioner Jason Tetu with his complaint, and Tetu told him to go to the desk sergeant. It was this response by Tetu that set the Mayor off. In the video, Kim shouts at Tetu “Is that all I get?” before going into his office and slamming the door.

Kim Doesn’t Understand

In our form of government, the Public Safety Commissioner is charged with overseeing the police and fire departments, but there is a distinct limit to that authority that Mayor Kim doesn’t seem to understand.

The Commissioner’s power does not extend to directing the police to make specific arrests. That responsibility remains with the “sworn officers.”

This makes sense. Consider the danger of a politician with no background in criminal law ordering the arrest of people?

Note that when Public Safety Commissioner Montagnino took action in the case of Chandler Hickenbottom for allegedly disrupting a Council meeting, he made a complaint to the Police Department. He did not order her arrest.

It is also troubling that Kim’s remark (“Is that all I get?”) implies that he believed Tetu should provide him some sort of special treatment from the Police Department.

7 thoughts on “Correction To Previous Blog On Mayor Kim’s Confrontation With Jason Tetu”

  1. Jason Tetu was handling Mayor Kim’s complaint properly. As the former Commissioner of Public Safety should have known, such a complaint should have been brought directly to the police department, not the Commissioner’s office.

    What about the complaint? Did one of our citizens threaten the Mayor’s family or not? If the family has been threatened, the Mayor has an excuse for being so upset. If not, the individual who was publicly identified by the Mayor as the person who threatened his family deserves an immediate apology.

    Chris Mathiesen

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  2. I disagree, I think as mayor, Kim DOES have a right to expect elevated support from the police department.

    Whether the “threat” passed the threshold for action or not, Kim should have gotten the full support of that PD.

    We live in a time where our politicians and their families are being attacked in their own homes (especially democrats).

    It’s not out of line to provide a higher level of protection for those who have dedicated their lives to serving the public.


    1. Really Kay?

      No real threat or Kim would have publicly posted the email. (classic victim politics?)
      And he has allowed the horrible slander of our police for over a year now at almost every council meeting.
      He should resign. He is not mentally fit to be Mayor.


      1. How can you say it’s not a “real” threat when you literally just said you don’t know what was said without him posting it for the public.

        There may be other reasons he’s didn’t do it and it’s not up to us to decide without all the information.

        Clearly the man felt a threat was involved and it would be prudent for our LE to properly investigate the issue.

        Also, in case you’re not aware, he’s ONE person on the city council yet based on your statement, you expect him to be the one to control the whole shitshow!

        That’s ridiculous. TBH I don’t think he handled the altercation with the psc professionally but I’m smart enough to know I don’t have all the information included what lead up to that recording.

        I would suggest others do the same, taking sides in a dispute with partial knowledge just makes you look like a partisan groopie 🤷


    2. Key, Even if I agree that an elected official may need and receive greater protection based on their public presence, it is the Police that provide that – not the Commissioner. The Commissioner does not have the standing to demand that from the police department and that seems to be the focus of this blog post and the misunderstanding Kim has and the basis of his outburst. The fact that he regularly acts with a sense of entitlement not seen since the Yepsen years as well as his tentative relationship with the truth does not help his case.

      I respect Chris’s generosity in saying he has the right to be upset if (big if) his family was truly threatened. Upset? Yes? Screaming and using foul language in the hallways of City Hall? No! Especially since this is not the first time he has done so.

      He only continues to prove that his inability to lead is only exceeded by his overblown ego.

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  3. Sorry to trigger you.

    The mayor is the person who should control the council meetings.

    I hope to see real leadership when Mayor Kim is replaced.

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    1. This is actually a reply to Kay. I’m not sure why I don’t have a reply icon on her latest post.

      One of the roles of the Mayor is to lead and manage City Council meetings. Kim has been wishy-washy from day one. He limited the presentation of the rules of engagement – speak only to the council, speak with respect, etc. When he wasn’t able to keep the boundary of 2 minutes he change it. There is little consistency and little leadership. And, gosh forbid one of the other Commissioners tries to step in – all hell breaks lose with Kim reminding them it’s his job (but he doesn’t do it)

      I worked in City Hall and attended many Council meetings. I’ve also done training on conducting meetings and leadership. Rules and expectations need to be clear and they need to be held to account. As an attorney and former Commissioner, it seems pretty odd that Kim would now know this. So, he either doesn’t have the ability or perhaps the willingness to take on this role.

      Kay, as for the claim of being threatened, you also don’t have all the facts. I choose to respect the decision of our officers (who have seen the offending e-mail) instead of blaming others (Kim’s mode of functioning).

      As for being a “partisan groupie” I’m a Democrat yet I’m willing to call out others regardless of party, if they are embarrassing the city.


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