One Saratoga Seeks an Independent Line for Candidates for City Office

[I got the following release from Courtney DeLeonardis, the chair of One Saratoga]


One Saratoga: Seeks an independent line on the ballot and has endorsed a diverse slate of candidates.

Beginning on April 18, One Saratoga members and supporters will be going door to door asking for residents of Saratoga Springs to sign petitions to get their endorsed candidates an independent line on the November 7 ballot. Any person who is registered to vote, regardless of their party affiliation and including No Party, may sign.

One Saratoga has endorsed candidates from both the Democratic and Republican parties. It is a true fusion slate. One Saratoga has endorsed Chris Mathiesen for Mayor, Tim Coll for Public Safety, and Matthew Veitch and Michele Madigan for County Supervisors.

Courtney DeLeonardis, Chair of One Saratoga, said, “One Saratoga was created to promote City before Party and this year we hope to further that effort with a line on the ballot that we believe contains candidates who share our goal.”

One Saratoga is a non-partisan coalition of local residents that seeks to have the best-qualified people governing Saratoga Springs regardless of partisan affiliations. Their watchword is “City before party”.

For more information about One Saratoga, signing petitions, and to learn about their endorsed candidates go to their website at-

7 thoughts on “One Saratoga Seeks an Independent Line for Candidates for City Office”

  1. i usually stay objective about this sort of thing, although I always vote, but I want to express my support here.

    I cannot think of a City election year where it is more important for the electorate to have choices. Even though I don’t necessarily support all of the candidates on this petition, I intend to sign it with gusto, and urge everyone that is eligible to do the same

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  2. Before I comment, the videos for Apr. 14 workshop, and City Council Meeting of Apr. 18 are not posted on the city’s website as of 6 pm, Thursday, April 20.
    Comm. Sanghvi must go.

    I wholeheartedly am willing to sign the petition for all candidates that are named above. I hope and pray someone steps forward to run against Moron and Sanghvi. I think Comm. Golub is doing his best to serve our city.

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    1. I fully sympathize with your frustration. The meeting video can be accessed through the “Live Meetings” page because I believe the vendor that records the video puts it there. IT is supposed to update the video archive page but hasn’t yet again.
      Thank god Commissioner Sanghvi is not a surgeon where cavalier dismissal of detail means a patient dies.
      If you want to sign click on the link at the end of the post. Henry37 you will have to use your real name when you sign😎


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