Saratoga Springs Democratic Chair Pat Tuz Resigns

Reliable sources tell me that Pat Tuz has resigned as chair of the Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee.

I have no other information at this time. Given that the committee is collecting signatures to get their endorsed candidates on the ballot, it is interesting timing.

4 thoughts on “Saratoga Springs Democratic Chair Pat Tuz Resigns”

  1. The big question seems to be whether she was pushed out by the extremists who didn’t want hear from candidates like Madigan and Mathiesen, or did the more level-headed members finally force her out after she led the group into recommending the same group of awful candidates, specifically Kim, Montagnino, and Moran?

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  2. Rumor on the street has it that Foghorn Leghorn is replacing her. Might just be a rumor but stranger things are happening the party as we post.


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