Mayor Kim Melts Down Again; Attacks Pat Tuz, City Democratic Chair

In my previous post, I wrote about the Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee’s attempt to repair the damage caused by their refusal to allow three Democrats seeking their endorsement to address the full committee in violation of their own endorsement policy. Chair Pat Tuz’s odd solution to repair this mistake was to allow Chris Mathiesen, candidate for Mayor, Michele Madigan, candidate for Supervisor, but not Tim Coll, candidate for Public Safety, to address the committee as a special meeting to be held March 18, 2023. In addition, for some reason Tuz also scheduled the already endorsed Democratic candidates (Kim, Sanghvi, Moran, Golub, Montagnino, and Boyd) to address the committee at this meeting as well.

Tuz’s plan apparently did not sit well with Mayor Ron Kim.

In yet another intemperate, curse-laden rant, Kim verbally attacks Pat Tuz, the chairperson of his own party.

Ron Kim’s Rant

From Ron Kim To Pat Tuz (Mar 14, 2023, at 6:13 PM)

Not clear to me why the two non-endorsed candidates are getting 15 minutes to address the Committee while the endorsed candidates are only getting 5 minutes—what the FUCK IS GOING ON!!!!!   ARE YOU WORKING TO FUCKING MAKE SURE THAT THE CANDIDATES WHO ARE FACING A CONTEST WILL LOSE?

 Ron Kim

PO Box ***

Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

Pat Tuz Sends a Stinging Reply

Readers may remember that Mayor Ron Kim is having problems with the petitions he will need to fill if he is to appear on the ballot. Pat Tuz seems to reference this in her reply to Kim. Tuz copies the members of the City Council (Moran, Sanghvi, Golub, and Montagnino) plus the leadership of the Democratic Committee (Gordon Boyd, Otis Maxwell, Susan Cohen, Diane Czechowicz, BK Kermati)in her email.

From Pat Tuz to Ron Kim:

You (Ron Kim) have already spoken.  You may take as long as you want.  BUT, the purpose of the meeting is fellowship, encouragement  and GETTING EVERYONE OUT TO GET PETITIONS SIGNED.   I got 50 so far.  How about you? 

Just as an FYI, some are not signing due to:  1) Endorsement unfairness.   2). Ron and Dillon fights at CC meetings.  3). Jim Montagnino

This can be overcome, but, we have to get the signatures to get on the ballot so let’s get going. 

Pat Tuz

26 thoughts on “Mayor Kim Melts Down Again; Attacks Pat Tuz, City Democratic Chair”

    1. Robin, I can see your point yet it seems the Democratic Committee is coming up with a big fat zero in all directions. Note the Democratic Committee, not the Democratic Party, as many in the party are not playing the verbal slap and tickle game.

      As for Ron, I’m beginning to wonder if he is OK. I never knew him well yet at one point I saw him as reasonable and intelligent. Has the whole “I’m the Mayor ” thing gone to his head as it did with his “friend” Joanne or is something health-wise impacting his thinking?

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  1. Democrats in Saratoga Springs need to finally realize their mistake and not elect Kim for another term and remove those associated with him. Professionalism is sorely lacking. You all deserve better.

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    1. Wow! He’s really a loose canon! Who puts such thoughts in writing and his send? Unhinged! Embarrassing for the city. Time to remove these folks…

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    1. Elect clowns and you get a clown show. One can only hope that enough citizens of Saratoga Springs are paying attention and will vote this menagerie out.

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  2. JK, There needs to be some way to get your info out to more voters.

    This is the place where voters can become aware of the infighting that is going on in the Democratic party. Unless some other website or blog exists that I am not aware of, THIS is the place for all Saratogians to become familiar with. No matter what his topic of the day is about.

    Not everyone who visits this site submits comments. There must be many of you. But if you are aware of John Kaufmann’s blog, tell your friends and family to visit here frequently. John must spend an enormous amount of time doing his research. If you enjoy his writings, please spread the word.

    Whether he writes about Republicans or Democrats, or Conservatives, it is always well researched.
    Thank you.

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  3. I think Gayle has a point here. Ron Kim is not well or has personal issues affecting his actions.
    He needs to resign and give Chris a chance to prove he is part of the solution before the election.

    Do the right thing Ron.

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  4. Ms. Tuz—if Republicans are all so vile and Democrats so virtuous, can you explain why you didn’t fill the second Supervisor’s slot? Leaving it vacant guarantees evil Republican Matt Veitch will once again serve in that role. Oh, wait! Could this be an example of Democratic cronyism? With only two people running, virtuous Democrat Gordon Boyd, a member of the Democratic Committee’s executive committee, is also guaranteed a spot. So much for your self-righteous touting of your love for democracy and giving voters a choice.

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  5. Hi John, first time commenter here but I feel this is an opportune time for me to chime in as chair of the City’s republican committee. Ron Kim’s behavior is simply unacceptable. One email is a mistake, two is a trend.

    In municipalities great and small, we as citizens have a right to demand that our elected officials act with a certain modicum of decorum and respect for the office they hold. Ron Kim has shown time and time again that he is simply incapable of being an adult, let alone a mayor. This November, I ask that voters think locally. Look at what your local Democratic Party is offering you. You deserve better. Your Saratoga Springs republican committee consists of your friends, family, and neighbors. The republican party is not monolithic (of course, neither are the democrats). Our endorsed candidates stand for responsible, mature, and competent government that will be responsive to you and will respect your tax money, no matter who you are or where you come from.

    As Lincoln implored, let us lean on the better angels of our nature. It’s time for a government we deserve. Please consider John Safford, Tim Coll, and Matt Veitch on Row B this November.

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  6. John, at this point it is clear that your moderation of comments favors your friends. Judgement day is upon you. Hope that you are ready.


  7. Can’t spell his name and also doesn’t understand punctuation. A question ends with this “?” Not this “!!!!!!”

    And good question…. What the f#### is going on?

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  8. John, this message is for you.

    Your bias is showing.

    Jack Flash already has a good read on you, and your censorship of comments, such as protection of your buddy Gayle is not going to win you any points.


  9. John Rockwell, Margot is referring to a satirical Facebook page run by Robert Millis.

    When someone anonymously comments on a blog invoking another anonymous Facebook page, I agree it does get a little confusing though … 🙂

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