More Madness From The Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee

The Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee is circulating two petitions for candidates they have endorsed for city positions to run in the November, 2023, local elections. One has all their endorsed candidates on it except for Ron Kim for Mayor. The other petition is just for Ron Kim for Mayor.

Given Kim’s email with its epithet-laden rant at Accounts Commissioner Dillon Moran, it is reasonable to assume that he is insisting that his name not be on the same document as Moran.

I must say that the Democratic Committee has become something of a black box. It has been impossible to get any reliable information as to what prompted the Mayor’s outburst and what Moran has done to incur Kim’s wrath.

Democrat and former Commissioner of Public Safety Chris Mathiesen is also circulating petitions to run for Mayor. There appears to be at least one committee person who is carrying Mathiesen’s petition, not Kim’s, along with the petition for the other incumbent candidates endorsed by the committee. If both Kim and Mathiesen get enough signatures, there will be a primary in June between the two. The winner will appear on the Democratic line in the November election.

My sense is that Gordon Boyd, who is running for one of two County Supervisor positions, has established himself as the de facto leader of the Democratic Committee. Former Finance Commissioner Michele Madigan, who the committee did not endorse and who was one of three Democratic candidates not allowed to address the full committee, is circulating a petition for the second Supervisor position that the committee did not fill. If she gets enough signatures, she will appear with Boyd on the Democratic line in November.

12 thoughts on “More Madness From The Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee”

    1. Chris Mathiesen for mayor!!!! Chris is very hard working, dedicated and passionate about his hometown. After the recent very disruptive City council meeting that had to be abruptly rescheduled in the middle of it, Chris will restore law and order and civility to the city of Saratoga Springs.

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    1. Saratoga Springs does not need MAGA red candidates. As an Independent voter, I will choose the candidates who will best represent the interests of the voters of Saratoga Springs. Cheryl, you should consider doing the same.

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      The last man nearly ruined this place,
      He didn’t know what to do with it.
      If you think this country’s bad off now,
      Just wait ’till I get through with it.
      (Groucho Marx, Duck Soup)


  1. It’s the difference between Democrats and Republicans and how they campaign. Republicans adhere to the policies and platform of their party; they don’t need to follow politics. Democrats, on the other hand, are singular in their views and choices. I don’t see why the particular noun “madness” was used in the header…


  2. This has nothing to do with republican versus democrat, this has everything to do with the quality of individual who is running for office and why they are running.

    The last thing I would want anyone to do in a local election is just vote down party lines… very little that is voted on at the city council table even falls down party lines. Get to know the candidates, get to know their platforms and try to get a sense of what their motivation is for running…. It’s usually pretty obvious.

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    1. I agree, Robin. Saratoga Springs has for years been a town where we’ve been fortunate to have candidates and electees who, independent of party affiliation, learn and attend to their community’s needs and interests. Unfortunately a dangerous recent Will to Power has supplanted the Will to Serve. I can only hope our electorate peeks over that precipice and at our next election scrutinizes the quality of candidates very clear-headedly and closely.

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  3. having circulated petitions in the past… I think this is because many people won’t sign a petition with Ron Kim on it versus Kim’s not wanting to be associated with the rest of the ticket… enjoy the MACHINE stomping out choice…[unless your killing the unborn or mutilating the bodies of the confused youths of tiktok.]


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