How You Can Help Chris Mathiesen (mayoral candidate) and Michele Madigan (supervisor candidate)

[The following is from Chris Mathiesen]

February 24, 2023

Beginning on February 28, petitions will be circulating among enrolled Democrats in order for candidates to qualify for the 2023 Democratic Party ballot line.  We need help.  Michele Madigan and I will be having petitions circulated without the help of the Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee. Michele will be running for the position of Supervisor, and I will be running for Mayor.  I ask that concerned citizens sign our petitions so that we will both be able to give voters a viable alternative to the Committee-endorsed candidates.  If we can get the required number of signatures, there will be a June Democratic primary for the position of Mayor and Michele will appear on the Democratic line for the position of Supervisor in November.

If you are willing to help circulate petitions, we can either email them to you or deliver them to you. If you simply are willing to sign our petition, please email me, text me, or call me. Myself or someone else will come by for your signature. My contact information is at the bottom of this post.

I joined the Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee in the early 1990s as one of two representatives for my home, District 21.  I served until the spring of 2008, when I reluctantly resigned due to the increased time commitments of my newly relocated dental practice. 

My experience on our Democratic Committee was consistently positive.  We were working to change our City for the better.  The other major party had dominated for years in a manner that was neither open nor inclusive.  We were the party of the future, a bright spot on the local scene that encouraged input from all our citizens and that worked to end the practice of back-door politics.

I was surprised and disappointed that Michele, who served for ten years as Commissioner of Finance, and I were denied the opportunity last week to speak to the full City Democratic Committee about our candidacy for office. A party that has stood for openness and democracy should be willing to at least listen to long-time party members who are committed to running as Democrats.

Please remember that if you sign the petition of our opponents first, you will not be able to sign mine.  You can’t sign petitions for two different people running for the same office.

Also, if you believe that Michele Madigan and I would be viable candidates for the offices that we seek, please consider volunteering to circulate our petitions.  We will supply the petitions, district walking lists, clipboards, pens, and instructions.  You can reach me through my cell phone or my email address.  


Chris Mathiesen

518 527 2710

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