Kim Tells Saratoga Today Izzo Will Stay On–But in What Capacity?

According to an article in this week’s Saratoga Today, Saratoga Springs Mayor Ron Kim told the paper that Tony Izzo will stay on with the city even though Kim has posted a job vacancy for a City Attorney, a position currently held by Izzo.

“It’s for a new position,” Saratoga Springs Mayor Ron Kim said, adding that longtime current city attorney Tony Izzo will be staying on.

Saratoga Today

My sources indicate that as of Thursday (January 12), the Mayor had still not discussed the solicitation for the position with Mr. Izzo nor explained exactly what Mr. Izzo’s role will be in the future.

There is a certain irony that Mayor Kim was highly critical, upon taking office last year, that the city was paying full and parttime attorneys.

2 thoughts on “Kim Tells Saratoga Today Izzo Will Stay On–But in What Capacity?”

  1. Tony Izzo has been a member of the City Attorney’s staff for over 30 years and has served as the head City Attorney for the last year. A competent manager would, of course, consult with Tony before reorganizing the City Attorney’s office, but “Ron Kim” and “competent manager” just don’t go together.

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  2. This is the way I see it. The Mayor and the Public Safety Commissioner are hyper focused on out lawyering their opponents. As such, they spend all their time focusing on legal schemes and gimmicks rather than doing things the right way. For example, the 2am closing time process; the legal dispute with the DA’s Office; and the defunding of the Assistant Police Chief position, to cite a few examples.

    For the purpose of this topic, removing the City Attorneys was simply asinine. You have five members of the City Council, all with equal legislative weight, voting on complex issues, and many times they have disagreements with their colleagues. As such, as an example, how can Dillon Moran get legal advice for his disagreement on a position with the Mayor, if the Mayor is providing the legal advice? Talk about a conflict of interest!

    Thank goodness, the Mayor finally sees the error in his ways and re-posted the City Attorney position.

    The lack of kindness and unprofessionalism regarding Attorney Izzo is also a disgrace, considering he has committed his life to public service.

    Time for some changes.

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