Mayor Kim Has Failed Again to File Financial Campaign Reports as Required by the New York State Board of Elections

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New York State requires political candidates to periodically file reports with the New York State Board of Elections disclosing contributions they receive and expenditures they make. Saratoga Springs Mayor Ron Kim has repeatedly failed to file the reports as required.

Readers may recall that Ron Kim failed to report the required financial information to the New York State Board of Elections (BOE) in 2021 when he ran for office. As reported on this blog, he alleged that he had sent the BOE the required information but that a technical problem at the state Board of Elections was why his report did not appear on the BOE website. At the time, I contacted the state BOE, and they assured me that if he had submitted his report electronically as required, it would have been posted on their website. They assured me they were not experiencing any technical problems.

I recently visited the BOE website to check on Kim’s reporting on contributions and expenditures for 2022. There were none. I know he had at least one fundraiser this year. Even if he received no contributions, he was required to report on any expenditures. He had to have spent at least some money to have organized his fundraisers.

I have filed a complaint with the BOE.

6 thoughts on “Mayor Kim Has Failed Again to File Financial Campaign Reports as Required by the New York State Board of Elections”

  1. If it wasn’t so sad, it would be funny to note that this is the same Ron Kim would spoke glowingly about “accountability” and “transparency” when he would talking up one of the failed charter change attempts. Now he can’t be bothered to follow the law about transparency, and takes no accountability for the legal issues he and Montagnino are causing.

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  2. Let’s say the first problem was actually a techie malfunction. If it were me, I would damn well make sure it worked moving forward. Pretty simple…ask your finance person to show you verification that the report was uploaded. Screen shot would suffice! Or better yet, look yourself seeing how important this is…certainly should never have happened twice!

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  3. This from the guy who speaks about transparency when ever there is a microphone in front of him. He is a joke and sad that this is the person in charge of our city. I hope the city can survive him and this awful council we have right now. He should not be able to run for office again based on this! He can’t even handle the most basic requirement from the BOE.

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