DPW Candidates Scirocco and Golub Answer Questions in LWV Forum

Saratoga Springs Commissioner of Public Works candidates Anthony Scirocco and Jason Golub answered questions at a Saratoga County League of Women Voters Candidate Forum taped without an audience on October 19,2022. Here’s a link:

6 thoughts on “DPW Candidates Scirocco and Golub Answer Questions in LWV Forum”

  1. Both candidates were respectful and seemed genuine. The moderator did a good job. She kept the program moving with mostly relevant questions.

    Chris Mathiesen

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  2. John there was no link in  your post and I went on the LWV site and they said video coming soon.  I met Jason last night at an pen house in the hood and he is quite impressive.  Hope hunting is going or went well.Bob 


  3. LWV is non-partisan?? I think supporting Charter Change is very partisan, very political.

    Both candidates did good. Thanks for sharing the debate.

    It was well run. I need to give LWV credit for that. But they are very partisan.

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