Commissioner Sanghvi Refuses To Provide Break Down Of Costs Of Her New Furniture

A Well Appointed Office

I emailed Saratoga Springs Finance Commissioner Minita Sanghvi twice seeking the details of her projected $13,000.00 purchase of new furniture. I was asking what furniture she was purchasing and what was the expected cost of each item. When she did respond, it was as follows:

Please feel free to FOIL the information. 

September 1, 2022 Email From Commissioner Sanghvi

6 thoughts on “Commissioner Sanghvi Refuses To Provide Break Down Of Costs Of Her New Furniture”

    1. Out with the Taft, in with the Knoll. Or as those ads in the New Yorker used to say, “A Title On The Door Rates a Bigelow on the Floor.”


  1. It is unfortunate that the commissioner has chosen this route especially since she provided an explanation on Facebook. This only makes her look petty even if she is upset at John’s “attacks” on her actions. She is an elected official and perception is important. This kind of response sends the worst kind of perception.

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  2. JK is not only a blogger, he is also a Saratoga Springs taxpayer and her constituent. To tell any taxpayer/constituent that they have to go through a lengthy FOIL process to find out how an elected official is spending city tax dollars is pretty outrageous especially coming from the Commissioner of Finance who is supposed to be the city official watching the city piggy bank.

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