The Cost of Mayor Kim’s Frivolous Legal Actions Keeps Growing

As documented in this blog here and here, Saratoga Springs Mayor Ron Kim has been spending city money pursuing pointless legal actions in a city code enforcement case involving Church Street Trust.

My FOIL requests regarding the costs of this litigation show that the law firm of Miller, Mannix, Schachner, and Hafner LLC is continuing to bill the city for work on this case. As of July 7, 2022, the city has paid them $6,575.00 and neither of the legal actions they are pursuing are over yet.

I have written to Mayor Kim and appeared at a Council meeting asking him if he can explain the purpose of these legal actions. He has not responded nor have any of his fellow Council members shown any interest in pursuing an answer from him.

The Mayor’s dogged pursuit of this case at the public expense deserves a public answer.

The Invoices

2 thoughts on “The Cost of Mayor Kim’s Frivolous Legal Actions Keeps Growing”

    1. I think this is a waste of taxpayer money as well, but it’s possible they are redacted because the firm does other work for the city outside of this project?0 Whatever the case, wasting taxpayer money because of their own ego seems to be a running trend with this council. Maybe Finance can step in and do their job for once? Can’t imagine these lawsuits, along with the PD giveaway, were part of the budget.


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