2 thoughts on “Talking Saratoga Podcast Dissects Moran v Kim Conflict and Other Issues from June 7, 2022, Council Meeting”

  1. I watched this episode of Talking Saratoga. I couldn’t agree more about the City Council meetings being entirely too long. Maybe the Presentations could be scheduled for other times rather than during the City Council meetings. Also, I can relate to Robin’s complaint about being locked out of City Hall during City Council meetings. I would think that denying physical access to Council meetings would be inconsistent with the Open Meetings Laws. In fact, having meetings that last well into the late hours of an evening is at least inconsistent with the intent of the Open Meetings Law.

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  2. What do you expect for 14,500 dollars a year? These people are volunteers, could they be paid better? Say 50k.

    Gone are the days of civic minded people that want the best for their community (the whole community) and don’t bring their own personal ego or agenda. (and can be elected) Sad but I think true. Now add in the insane hostility on both the far left and right.
    When I retired from working down in Albany for the past 30 years I looked into doing something for the town that was so great for our family. But watching the council meetings, the various blogs and local news I had to reconsider. Stronger and more talented people than me will have to stand up to the nuts on both sides and get us to work together. I could happily support these people, with a strong preference for engineers not lawyers. I agree with Robin on having too many lawyers.

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