Dake Family Decides Not To Pursue Development On Snake Hill On Saratoga Lake


March 1, 2022


Stewart’s Shops has decided to withdraw the application to build four homes on 30 acres of Snake Hill due to the need for a  24’ wide road that has generated much greater construction and costs than anticipated.

The Towns and their Planning Boards have done an excellent job of balancing “preservation with progress” and have regulations on drainage, tree cutting, access, etc. that preclude most of the development problems people perceive.

Due to the hill’s shape and steep sides, which come from layers of shale that were tipped up vertically and can be seen from the water, this area has remained undeveloped. The rest of the lake has progressed dramatically over the last 50 years. The Sewer District corrected a serious water problem and 25’ lots with seasonal camps were transitioned into attractive year-round homes.

According to Stewart’s Shop chairman of the board, Bill Dake, “We had hoped to construct four attractive homes on 30 acres that would’ve had very minimal visual impact and may have symbolized the tremendous progress the lake has made over the past 50 years.  Some say Saratoga Lake has been over-developed, but I would encourage you to drive around the lake today, with the leaves off the trees, and you will see, there is still much to be done.”

Media Contact:

Erica Komoroske

Director of Public Affairs

Stewart’s Shops

3 thoughts on “Dake Family Decides Not To Pursue Development On Snake Hill On Saratoga Lake”

  1. Bill Dake says there is “ Much to done.” That is crazy talk from a local oligarch! Snake Hill is one of the last bastions of wilderness that gives the overdeveloped lake a wisp of character, wildness, and natural beauty.

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