City Again Violates Open Meeting Law

The City Council has again violated the open meeting law. The City Council has a pre-agenda meeting on the Monday before the Council meetings. They are required to provide access to the public for any meeting at which there is a quorum.

The city website indicated the Monday morning meeting would take place on zoom, but there was no link nor any information on how to acquire a link. Jane Weihe emailed the deputy mayor asking how the public can access the meeting.

Deputy mayor Angela Rella responded with an email that contained a link.

Jane wrote back to her and asked, “how is the general public made aware of how to access the meeting?”

Ms. Rella did not provide a reply.

5 thoughts on “City Again Violates Open Meeting Law”

  1. This is very disturbing. This is basic knowledge any elected official should know – I would think more so if you are an attorney as Mr. Kim and Ms. Rella are (as Mr. Kim tells us often when he is quoted in the media). And where are the other elected officials on this issue? Do they not speak up because they don’t know the law or are they scared? Either way this is very bad for the citizens of the city. We need better leadership – one with integrity and transparency.
    Thank you for staying involved and letting people know what is going on.

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  2. What can be done to hold the current committee accountable, or are they allowed to do as they please?
    At this point, a month and a half in, Kim should be about on his way out the door with all of his violations and breeches in ethics.

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  3. While my main source of information on this is from John (who, by the way, generally knows what he is talking about and does his due diligence) and I’m not fully familiar with the details of the charter for legally holding the current council accountable, there are a few things you can do. The first is to go to City Council meetings and loudly (though politely) express your concerns to see what their reaction is and to let them know your concerns. I also believe that any citizen can file an ethics complaint to the Ethics committee.

    It certainly does seem that there is real reason for concern.

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