New Saratoga Podcast Worth Checking Out

Three local people have begun a Podcast called Talking Saratoga.

Dan De Federicis is a retired NY state trooper, past police union leader, and attorney who publishes Saratoga Reports, a news aggregate site focused on Saratoga.

Adam Israel is a lifelong Saratogian, small business owner, and recent independent candidate for Commissioner of Finance.

Robin Dalton was the Commissioner of Public Safety and ran for mayor on an independent line with Adam.

3 thoughts on “New Saratoga Podcast Worth Checking Out”

  1. Dan had mentioned this was in the offing when we met last week about other stuff, so I was glad to see it on Saratoga-Report yesterday… for the first crack out of the box, I thought that this was very, very good – and a welcome addition to the local media mix. In particular, I thought that the number and diversity of the topics (mostly political, all Saratoga -related) was excellent.

    I’m happy to know all three of the co-hosts personally and I am sure they will make this podcast even better as they get more reps in. I know I’ll be looking for the next episode, even if I disagree sometimes.

    All and all, if they can keep Adam away from the Champagne Bars (play the tape,) they may have a winner! Kudos, guys!

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  2. I listened to Episode #34, and it was billed as “The Saratoga Shoot Out – how we found out about it…” But..I didn’t hear you guys say word one about the shooting. What am I missing?


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