A City Council Hearing on a Civilian Review Board Without a Proposal To Respond To

The agenda for today’s (February 1, 2022) City Council meeting includes a public hearing on a Civilian Review Board. The problem is that the agenda has no link to the document that would be the subject of the hearing. Previous administrations always had a link to such documents. Maybe it is somewhere on the city’s website, but I have been unable to locate it.

I texted Commissioner of Public Safety, James Montagnino, inquiring where the proposal for a CRB is but got no response.

The hearing was set back in early January. I was surprised at the time that the document did not accompany this action.

What is the point of attending a hearing when a citizen has not had the opportunity to educate themselves on the proposal?

It would be helpful to know who is responsible for the failure to make the proposal available. Was it the person responsible for posting the agenda on the city’s website? Does the proposal even exist?

It’s great that the new members of the Council are touting the need for transparency but they need to educate themselves on the procedures that make transparency possible.

It will be interesting to see how the members of the City Council respond to this tonight.

6 thoughts on “A City Council Hearing on a Civilian Review Board Without a Proposal To Respond To”

  1. Word of advice: 1)Hang on because this newly elected City Council does not know how to govern and what happens if Commissioner Scirocco can no longer serve??? Special election? Council appointment? How would this vacancy be filled?

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  2. Would we expect anything less from James Montagnino? I’m still waiting on his big Darryl Mount report from January 1.

    He and Ron Kim are abysmal failures already. I expect Dillan Moran isn’t far behind.

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  3. For clarity’s sake, I don’t believe the PH segment of the CC meetings have ever had any extended commentary (links, etc.), other than a brief sentence, that I can recall. The links are typically aligned w/ agenda items, after the meeting is officially called to order. (Previous agendas may be found at: https://www.saratoga-springs.org/AgendaCenter)


    1. Thomas:
      You are right that they do not always put a link to the documents. It has been done, however, occasionally. For example, here is the mayor and the capital budget. http://www.saratoga-springs.org/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Agenda/_09072021-2740
      Still, the public hearing tonight is described as “Civilian Review Board.” There is nothing that explains what this entails.
      I texted Commissioner Montagnino asking what document is the hearing to address and where is it?
      When he did not respond, I sent an email to him with the same basic request and copied the council. I have received no response.

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  4. This new group is shaping up to look like the Gang that Couldn’t Shoot Straight. And they seem to be taking a page out of the Trump playbook—Rules? What rules? Rules are for sissies!

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