Charges Against Jamaica Miles of BLM dismissed “In the interest of justice”

Jamaica Miles was charged with “Unlawful Imprisonment” and with disorderly conduct growing out of an incident during the July 14, 2021, Black Lives Matter demonstration in Saratoga Springs.

Judge Francine Vero issued a verdict on the charges on January 24, 2022.

While her opinion acknowledged that, “There is little question the defendant’s [Miles] actions constitute disorderly conduct,” she dismissed all the charges “in the interest of justice.”

The opinion is so well written that for the details I refer you to the opinion.

5 thoughts on “Charges Against Jamaica Miles of BLM dismissed “In the interest of justice””

  1. Well, the longer version from Judge Vero’s decision doesn’t sound quite that simple: “On four occasions the vehicle occupants plead with the individuals surrounding their car to move so they can proceed on Broadway, but the crowd refuses to disburse. Four protestors engage in conversation with the driver and passenger and two tell them to be quiet when they ask to pass by. At about seven minutes and 10 seconds into the video the passenger calls 911 and asks the dispatcher to ‘do something’ to ‘get [the crowd] away’ so he can drive home to take prescription heart medication. During the 911 call a woman approaches the driver-side door and the driver explains the passenger has a heart condition and needs to take medication. Shortly thereafter the crowd allows the vehicle to pass.”


    1. Yes, Judge Vero notes that the DA mischarged Ms. Miles. ‘Disorderly Conduct’ should have been the charge for those involved in blocking the street and heckling diners and bystanders.


  2. I don’t see where the Judge says the DA mischarged Ms. Miles. In fact she leaves open the possibility Miles could be convicted of Unlawful Imprisonment in a jury trial when she writes that “if convicted of Unlawful Imprisonment in the Second Degree, a crime, Ms. Miles will face a sentence of up to one year of incarceration.”
    Rather it seems the Assistant DA screwed up in supporting his case against Miles when, among other things, he failed to depose the Complainant.

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