Mayor Kim Pulls City Attorney Resolution from City Council Agenda

A revised agenda for Tuesday night’s City Council meeting has been posted on the city’s website. The problematic resolution on the proposed City Attorney that had been an item on Mayor’s Kim’s agenda has been pulled. Instead, there is now an item on his agenda called “Announcement: City Attorney.”

4 thoughts on “Mayor Kim Pulls City Attorney Resolution from City Council Agenda”

  1. As a ratings hype maneuver, the change in the item heading could not be beat. Everyone’s attention is assured.

    Which, of course, sets up a perfect milieu to announce that Saratoga Springs is annexing Middle Grove, thereby rendering the residency requirement moot. Since about 20 people live in MG, and about half have the surname of Fletcher and / or Fairbanks – we expect resistance of the current residents to be minimal.

    Sorry, as usual, for spilling the beans. But since I have freed up everyone’s evening tomorrow, may I suggest that y’all work on your Tik-Tok routines, which, quite frankly, are less than impressive. It is the Roaring ’20s after all.

    We are truly living in a Golden Age. Of comedy; and tragedy.

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  2. First, there is nothing better than an Arthur comment, his political observations are acerbic, astute and always right on the money.

    Second, thank you to John for pointing out the ineptitude of our current Mayor- had it not been for this blog, the city council would have voted in a part-time attorney from Middle Grove tonight.

    Instead he laid out an incoherent plan that still leaves the city without an attorney, although they hope to have someone hired part time in the next few weeks. Mayor Kim then double downed on the most worrisome part of this whole fiasco, asserting that he and his deputy would provide legal services for the city in the interim and in the future.

    I can’t imagine I am the only person who finds it extremely concerning that our elected official would also attempt to be the city’s legal representation. Mayor Kim, there is plenty of responsibility and things that need to be done in your capacity as the Mayor, you and your deputy should only be focusing on doing that job to the best of your abilities, not playing city attorney at the same time.

    The icing on the cake are the appointments made by the council tonight, an all-star cast of nut jobs who also happen to be enthusiastic charter change proponents. Mctygue, yepsen, LEIDIG, Pringle, Farrington, need I go on? The only thing one wonders is where Saratoga BLM is in all of this, the one group whom the democrats promised the moon to while campaigning, but have not been appointed or hired to do anything. Will they realize they have been duped or are they not equal opportunity critics?

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  3. There is, of course, a disconnect between the concerns at the local level of government and the current geopolitical risk. Global geopolitical factors are the reason everyone is wearing respiratory protection and 800,000 US citizens have died over the past two years. Both Russia and China are playing a game of nuclear poker with Ukraine and Taiwan and President Biden just released 400,000,000 N95 masks from the strategic stockpile. With the release of these coronaviruses, you can make the argument that an important escalation threshold was crossed sometime ago.

    Every dollar the city has available for infrastructure should go into making this place more survivable in the years ahead. Mayor Kim’s pick for city attorney is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

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  4. So does Ron Kim still have to answer the questions from this blog – the ones that were directed to him to provide support for his original resolution? Did he pull it because he knew it was wrong and only when he was called out on it did he make the decision to pull it? This is very concerning behavior and we are only 19 days into his term. Making resolutions to work around the charter are a true threat to democracy. Thank you John for shedding light on this behavior. I hope going forward we will see transparency from our elected officials – that is what they all ran on and so far they are very disappointing.

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