Mayor-Elect Ron Kim Has Issues

Mayor-Elect Ron Kim (D) has failed to comply with the New York State Board of Elections campaign finance reporting requirements. His final report on contributions to his campaign and an account of what he spent was due on November 29. As of this date (December 27, 2021) he has not filed. The only other candidates who have failed to meet the Board of Elections requirements are Tara Gaston (D) and Shaun Wiggins (D).

Wiggins, who unsuccessfully ran for Supervisor, has not submitted any reports this year. As I saw some of his signs around town I know he has had expenditures. He was required to report both his contributions and his expenditures even if his campaign was self-financed.

I was curious how much it cost Mr. Kim for the TV campaign ads he ran on WNYT. There was nothing regarding this expense in his earlier reports. I was also interested in seeing how he was dealing with the very large donations he made to his own campaign. Mr. Kim had appropriately emphasized the need for transparency in his campaign. It would seem he should meet the rigorous standard he has promoted.

Problems With His Choice For City Attorney

Mr. Kim has yet to announce his choices for his Deputy and for City Attorney. It is a poorly kept secret that he has selected Angela Rella for his Deputy and Elizabeth Fletcher for the City Attorney.

Mr. Kim who served as Public Safety Commissioner for two terms and who is an attorney should have been aware that New York State law requires the City Attorney be a resident of the city. Ms. Fletcher lives in Middle Grove.

I am told that Ms. Fletcher was supposed to meet with the city’s Human Resources office today, presumably to take care of the employment paperwork. She canceled the meeting.

Mr. Kim takes office on January 1. Since he has told the current City Attorney and Assistant City Attorney that they will not be reappointed, the city will be without an attorney in three days [today is December 27, 2021] unless something is done very quickly.

All of this is not encouraging.

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