Commissioner Madigan Withdraws Amendment Re City’s Green Belt

On Thursday night the City Council held a hearing on Commissioner Madigan’s proposal to amend the Unified Development Ordinance to create a new definition for “clubhouse” in the city’s greenbelt.

The change would have allowed for golf courses in the city’s greenbelt to build 80 room lodging facilities along with standing condos all under the new definition.

The city had received forty-seven comments via email regarding the change. Forty-five opposed the change and two supported it.

Todd Shimkus, executive director of the Saratoga Chamber of Commerce spoke in support of the project along with three representatives from Saratoga National. Steve Samuels of Sustainable Saratoga spoke in opposition along with three other members of the public.

Following the public comments, the City Council took up the proposal. Commissioners Scirocco, Franck, and Dalton spoke in opposition as did Mayor Kelly.

The Mayor told her colleagues that it was too late in the process to deal with a very challenging issue as there are only weeks left in the tenures of all but one member of the Council. She indicated that it would be better that any consideration of the proposal be left to the new Council.

Commissioner Madigan thanked her colleagues for their consideration and withdrew the proposal.

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