A Saratoga Springs Democratic Victory: At What Cost?

[JK: I will be writing in more detail regarding the November election in a later post.]

How Candidates Campaign Tells Us A Lot About How They Will Govern

I simply do not know how to run a more negative campaign than to accuse your opponents of being a threat to democracy as the city’s Democratic Committee did in this year’s city elections. Their mailers included images from the January 6 events in D.C. alleging that the Republican endorsed candidates for city offices were somehow complicit in these events. This is in spite of the fact that the Republican endorsed candidates had gone on record deploring this event. Surely Pat Tuz, the chair of the city’s Democratic Committee was fully aware of this. Ms. Tuz is too sophisticated to believe in this kind of myth promoted by her candidates’ campaign, but apparently, concerns of fairness and accuracy simply gave way to a disturbing ruthlessness. Concern over the damage to the fabric of our community was jettisoned in the interest of winning at all costs.

How are these hyper attacks different from the allegations made by the supporters of Donald Trump that the Presidential election was stolen? How can the Democrats answer the argument that they have made up stories that are simply not true?

A Brilliant Strategy On The Road To Hell

The way candidates campaign tells us a lot about how they will govern. If they will flagrantly misrepresent the truth in their campaigns, it is likely that they will use similar tactics when they sit at the city council table. It also reflects how they will deal with others who may disagree with them. I hope I am wrong, but Saratogians should prepare themselves for some very ugly behavior come January at the Council table.

It’s Just Politics?

I know that partisans on both sides will just dismiss this kind of behavior as “just politics.” My problem is that these are the same people who deplore the fraying of the fabric of our civil society. Those who dismiss this kind of over-the-top campaigning might want to think about their own role in the decline of our institutions.

Aren’t we better than this?

Let me finish this post with a quote from a November 7 feature from Spectrum News 1:

Kim says there are a number of other challenges he plans to face, like infrustructure, but unifying the Spa City Tops the list.

Spectrum News

I hope the irony of calling for unity after gratuitously characterizing their opponents as anti-democratic insurrectionists is not lost on the readers of this blog. In the magical world of Mr. Kim and Ms. Tuz, bitterly marginalizing people has no consequences. The reality is that rather than strengthening and protecting democracy, their strategy can only serve to further weaken it.

3 thoughts on “A Saratoga Springs Democratic Victory: At What Cost?”

  1. John, As a citizen of Saratoga Springs and a fairly regular reader of your blog, I have long admired your objectivity. However, I have been having some doubts about that over the past several months. This most recent post appears to be nothing more than a repeat of previous criticisms of the Democrats’ campaign practices and it comes across as sour grapes. The action by some of the Republican candidates to hijack the Working Party’s line is a far more egregious tactic and a true threat to the democratic process. If that is an indication of how they would have governed, we are fortunate they lost. I may have missed your comments about that, but it is more worthy of attention and outrage than the subject of this blog. Given the national and local Republican Party’s tactics during and since the 2020 election, I don’t feel the picture of the lawn sign you posted is irrelevant. I hope you will give the incoming Council members the opportunity to govern before spreading more alarms about future “ugly” behavior. Peter Lee Sent from my iPhone



    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Some months ago I wrote a post excoriating the Republicans on the WFP issue. This is a link to the post: https://saratogaspringspolitics.com/2021/02/23/hard-ball-politics-in-saratoga-springs-local-republicans-try-to-take-over-working-families-party-ballot-line/ Arguing which ugly action is ugliest is always a strange argument. I would hope that we might see that both are wrong and part of the corrosive trend befalling our civic culture.

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