Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee Channels Donald Trump

Fear and Loathing In Saratoga Springs

It appears that our own local Saratoga Springs Democratic Party is utilizing the very same tactics as Donald Trump in their fervor to win the election.

One of the unfortunate aspects of Donald Trump’s presidency was his unrestrained use of fear and anger. He portrayed the Democrats as enemies of democracy. In spite of the almost uniform rulings by judges across the United States that Joe Biden had legitimately won the presidency, he harped on the myth that a well-funded conspiracy by the Democratic Party involving a variety of tools including tampered voting machines had stolen the election.

It was small wonder then that many of his most ardent followers on January 6 invaded the capital desperate to stop what they saw as an existential threat against American democracy. If you truly believed that the election had been “stolen” of course you would resort to extra-judicial methods to save the republic.

Transforming Into One’s Enemy

It is a grim fact that too often groups in conflict tend to mimic the very methods of their enemies. In the 1950’s we had the McCarthy era when due process and free speech were often sacrificed in our country during the hysteria over alleged communist infiltration. In effect, we used many of the same ruthless methods that Russians employed against their own people.

So now we have the local Democratic party using extreme language and wild accusations to try to win this year’s city elections. Their assertion in their campaign materials that the local Republican endorsed candidates and their supporters are a threat to democracy is eerily reminiscent of the very Trumpian tactics that these same people have condemned.

The Lawn Signs

The Mailers

Are Local Republican Endorsed Candidates Really A Threat To Our Democracy?

Recently the city’s Democratic Committee planted the above lawn signs around town and sent out the above mailers that urge voters to vote Democratic to “Defend Democracy.”

The slickly produced mailers splash images from the January 6 invasion of the capital in an attempt to foment fear among the city’s Democratic voters that somehow the candidates endorsed by the Republican Party locally are going to undermine democracy.

There is nothing subtle about their campaign. “We need your vote to protect democracy” their mailers proclaim. The local Democratic committee has put up signs that simply proclaim, “Defend Democracy. Vote Democratic.”

Which Republicans Are They Talking About?

Does anyone seriously think that if Skip Scirocco is re-elected as Public Works Commissioner he will somehow undermine democracy in Saratoga Springs?

Skip Scirocco is no Margery Tayler Greene nor are any of the other endorsed Republican candidates.

I have polled the Republican candidates, and every one of them affirmed that Joe Biden is indeed the legitimately elected President of the United States.

I sent the following text to Pat Tuz, the chair of the Saratoga Spring Democratic Committee:

In mailers and lawn signs your party asserts that citizens must vote for Democrats to protect Democracy.  Could you identify which Republicans running for city office are a threat and how they would use their office to subvert our local democratic institutions?

Text sent to Pat Tuz

Chair Tuz never responded.

Creating Division In Our Community

This city is fortunate to have many thoughtful and caring people. Just because a person is registered as a Republican does not mean that they adhere to the crazy conspiracy theories popular among many Republicans nationwide.

These cynical and inflaming mailers and signs can only seed more suspicion and fear. It is this kind of mindless division that is the threat to our democracy whether promoted by Donald Trump or by our local Democratic Committee.

Domenique Yermolayev, Democratic Candidate for Commissioner of Public Works Takes The High Road

I noticed that the name and image of Domenique Yermolayev, the Democratic endorsed candidate for Commissioner of Public Works, did not appear in either of the mailers above.

I contacted her and asked why she was missing from the mailings.

She sent me the following email in reply:

Hey John,

Yeah…we decided not to participate for a variety of reasons. My campaign is really focused on solving tangible, local issues…this flyer did not align well with our messaging or the “style guide” which Ashley (my campaign manager) and I try to adhere to.  I think it is a part of a series actually, and we opted out. I am a NOP with my own line, the “Functional Party” who filled the Democratic vacancy, so there are a number of instances in that last year where Ashley and I…go our own ways from the slate.  I thank the Democrats for their continued support in finding a new Comissioner of Public Works that can bring our city into the modern era. We did our own mailer which I think really speaks more to what I am trying to achieve if elected. I attached mockups of it here.

Ask me more about it on November 3rd…

All the best,


Domenique Yermolayev, Democratic Candidate for Commissioner of Public Works

A Cynical Strategy

Democratic voters enjoy a modest advantage in numbers over Republicans here in Saratoga.

It appears that the strategy of the Democratic Committee and their candidates, except for Ms. Yermolayev, is to write off the Republicans and mobilize Democratic voters through fear.

Will it work? We will find out election night.

7 thoughts on “Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee Channels Donald Trump”

  1. Any thoughts on the mailer that Saratoga County Republicans chartered buses to the Capitol on January 6th and the organizer was detained by police? Compared to the other messages, that is a tangible accusation.


    1. There was a regional conservative/republican bus that went to D.C.
      It was not organized by the Republican committee. The Republican endorsed candidates for Saratoga Springs offices could not have been clearer in my conversations with them. Not only did they deplore January 6 riot but they do not believe that the election was stolen.
      The continued allegations by the city’s Democratic committee and by all but one of the candidates making this false association ideeply disturbing. They must be aware that it is untrue.

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      1. Thanks. Sounds like “Saratoga County Republicans” refers to Republicans who live in Saratoga County…not people associated with the local party. Technically true, but misleading.


    2. The organizer detained by the police who was featured in the Dem mailing and who you referred to was a Republican member of the Malta Zoning Board of Appeals. What the Democrats have left out was that local Republicans including a Malta Town Board member called on her to resign from the ZBA after learning of her involvement in the January 6 event which she did.


  2. I don’t think that the Democrats are writing off Republicans but I do agree that they seem to be taking the low road in this strategy. The community already knows that Republicans in NYS are tainted by the behavior of Donald Trump and his far right wing supporters. That is why local Republican party is doing whatever they can to find other party lines for their candidates to run on. The best way to DEFEND DEMOCRACY is to vote for the person that we determine to be the best candidate for each office regardless of party affiliation.

    Chris Mathiesen

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  3. I am sad, so incredibly sad that this is what is happening in a city I love. Two years ago, One Saratoga worked so hard and was successful and doing exactly as Dr. Mathiesen suggested – support and vote for the best candidate. This group was able to put city before party and I was so proud to be part of it. That gave me so much hope. I put this on both parties this year yet I’m even sadder that the Democratic Party seems to be taking the lead into the mud and muck. I’m afraid it’s going to take some time (and new leadership) for them to crawl back out.


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