Democrats Agree To Participate In Saratoga Today Candidate Forum

Yesterday (September 29, 2021) Democrats informed Chad Beatty, publisher of Saratoga Today, that their candidates will participate in his paper’s election forum. This was thirteen days after the deadline for them to respond.

The Saratoga Today debate will take place over two nights. Candidates for Public Works, Accounts, and County Supervisor positions will appear on Tuesday, October 12, beginning at 6PM. Candidates for Finance, Public Safety, and Mayor will appear on Thursday, October 21 beginning at 6PM. The debates will be closed to the public but live-streamed.

2 thoughts on “Democrats Agree To Participate In Saratoga Today Candidate Forum”

  1. I have a question that might sound sarcastic, but I legit want to know: Who is running the show for the Dems? Did they name a replacement for Sarah Burger, or is each candidate responding individually these days?


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