11 thoughts on “Assistant Police Chief John Catone Calls On Community To Unite”

  1. Do you know if he intends to release this on the city website or via the Saratoga Springs police Twitter? Seems like it would be a good idea considering the messaging as a call to unite, as well as admitting a lapse of judgement.


    1. Nothing but unrepentant silence from BLM leader Lexis “suck my black d****” Figuereo or the woman who went to the media to falsely accuse the police of beating up her brother who instead they had in fact helped after he ran a red light and smashed into a truck. What kind of contrition or even acknowledgement that they had erred in any way have we heard from them?


      1. We know that black people are NEVER wrong about anything. They live in the consequence free zone and the ‘progressive’ libs just keep greenlighting the behavior. Just disgusting.


      2. @straightshooter: While I don’t condone Alexi’s foul words, I applaud the overall purpose of the march. The police and the city council have been unable to admit that they have ever acted in a racist fashion, which is ludicrous. We have all be racist at certain times in our lives. The march was non-violent. It’s important to remember that these marches are attended by individuals. We do not have 100% control over what every individual does or says, but overall, the march was orderly and on-violent. We pay the police force. We have a right to demand responsible and unbiased behavior. @NancyMuldoon… I’m amazed that you think black people live without consequence in this country. There is loads of evidence that they picked up more often by police and when brought to trial, given much heavier sentences. Compare George Floyd dying over counterfeit money vs. Trump’s numerous frauds (failure to pay contractors, evading taxes, and fomenting insurrections. He’s free, rich, and still supported by most Republicans. That’s disgusting.


  2. He calls on all of us to work together, but he appears to mean we should just trust him and all the police. We should work with them, not the other way around. If he admit to even the possibility of racism on the force, if he continues to issue blanket denials, how can we trust that racism ever be uprooted?


  3. Ms Davidson, no one is required to admit anything. The BLM activists accuse people of racism as a tactic to throw one off balance to cause psychological guilt. They like to call people fat, accuse people of smelling, a fascist, a Nazi, and otherwise attempt to put you on the defensive. Believing the propaganda is a form of weakness that is seized upon in order to win ground in the negotiation. The whole thing is straight out of the communist playbook. My preference would be to not have to run an anti-communist insurgency in my own backyard. There can be no legitimization of this behavior.

    Darryl Mount smashed the head of a woman into a brick wall, then fled from the police. He died on the run during a domestic violence incident. That is his legacy. Let us remember those who died or live for more worthwhile endeavours.


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