Mayor Appoints Advisory Committee To Assist In Implementing Police Reform

Another good article from the Foothills Business Review. This time it is on the appointment of the three member Police Reform Advisory Committee by Mayor Kelly. They will be charged to work with Public Safety Commissioner Robin Dalton and Police Chief Shane Crooks on implementing the Police Reform Plan the city adopted on March 31.

I would qualify an element of the Foothills Business Review story. Commissioner Dalton does not oppose a civilian review board. As she explained to me, she is concerned that were such a board established that potential issues of conflict with existing union contracts and the city’s charter be carefully considered. She expressed confidence in the three people appointed by Mayor Kelly and police Chief Crooks to explore the issues thoroughly and to provide good guidance to the Council as to how to proceed.

The appointments are Charles “Chuck” Caputo, Jason Golub, and Kimberly Galvin. All three served on the original task force. Jason Golub co-chaired it.

Link to story.

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