Saratoga Springs Preservation Foundation Rescues 65 Phila Street

Samantha Bosshart and Nicole Babie Celebrate The Purchase of 65 Phila Street

[JK: Correction. Mark Haworth is a member of the Saratoga Springs Preservation and is not a member of it’s board]

Congratulations and kudos to Samantha Bosshart, her board, and her staff for their successful protection of the two derelict houses on Phila Street that the owners wanted to demolish.

In a press release, the Saratoga Springs Preservation Foundation (SSPF) announced that they have purchased the threatened building at 65 Phila Street. The other house had been purchased by a private buyer. SSPF assisted the private buyer in their purchase of the other house.

Thanks as well to Mark Haworth, a member of the SSPF Foundation, who provided the loan to SSPF for the purchase which made all of this possible.

The current plan is to raise the $250,000.00 it is estimated will be needed for rehabbing the structure.

“Our goal is to make it safe for future owners and the neighborhood, something that is long overdue,” continued Bosshart.  The Foundation plans to start with environmental remediation, necessary structural repairs, and a new roof.  Construction costs have risen significantly in the last 18 months so the Foundation will lean on the community for financial and in-kind support in addition to utilizing funds they have raised over the past few years to undertake a special project such as this.  “Our friends and members rallied when the houses were proposed to be demolished.  We hope that our community will rally to revive 65,” said Favro.

From the SSPF release

The existence of SSPF is a testament to the grassroots support this city enjoys for preserving Saratoga Springs’ special architectural heritage.

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