Council Votes To Forward UDO To Planning Boards; Commissioner Dalton Dissents

The City Council voted four to one that the third draft of the UDO had sufficient merit to proceed with sending it on to the city and county planning boards for review.

While the planning boards have a limited amount of time to issue their opinions, John Franck pointed out that there is no time restraint on how long the Council can take before deciding on whether to adopt the plan once the boards have completed their reviews.

Commissioners Madigan, Franck, and Dalton have signaled that they will not support a vote on the draft until the COVID restrictions are eased and the public can directly participate in live meetings.

I have selected excerpts from the meeting to provide background on what was discussed.

Co-Chair of Sustainable Saratoga Addresses Council
City Attorney, Vince DeLeonardis Responds To Sustainable Saratoga Issues
Commissioner Dalton Explains Her Dissent
Mayor Kelly Discusses Abusive Emails

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