3 thoughts on “Robin Dalton Announces Run For Mayor”

  1. “We really don’t have time for a learning curve here. We need someone who is going to come into office who understands what we’re facing and the solutions that we need to work towards and can hit the ground running,” said Dalton.

    If Robin thought Public Safety Commissioner was too hot to handle, she should think twice about the demands of being the Mayor. And with raising a family? Not a good move, sorry.

    Better off running against an idiot like Tedisco if she really wants to “make a difference.”


  2. Well, I wouldn’t be too sure about any outcome at this point:

    With few incumbents, 3-way races for Mayor and some Commissioners (even Accounts!) and a 4-way contest for 2 Supervisor seats, it should be a wide-open election season, and one I’ll be looking forward to following. Let’s hope everyone can keep things focused on the many important issues we face in post-pandemic Saratoga.

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