Some Members of the Police Reform Task Force Condemn Police Chief Crooks Report And Questionnaire

Seven of the thirteen members of the Saratoga Springs Police Reform and Reimagine Task Force have written to the City Council condemning Police Chief Shane Crooks for his recent letter, report, and questionnaire to “stakeholders.” They assert that he has intentionally misrepresented the work of the Task Force in order to undermine their work. They write that the “Cover letter seems like an attempt to undermine a majority Black Task Force.” All seven of the signatories are Black.

I have previously posted the full version of the chief’s letter, report, and responses to his questionnaire.

I think this letter (see below) makes some points in criticizing the chief’s letter but an exploration of their allegations is impossible without an environment in which the issues can be thoughtfully explored.

Attacking someone for bad faith is the end of any discussion.

What makes me sad is that at a time when this community most needs to enter into a thoughtful discussion of policing and racism, our ability to have a dialogue seems now even more remote.

In this world, only the powerful benefit when there is a culture of anger and unbridled suspicion. In such a world money and force are the currency of action. Not reason. We cannot afford this.

Chief Crooks is not the enemy nor are the signatories of the letter.

This is a link to the PDF version of the letter:

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