Mayor Kelly Voices Frustration With County Health Commissioner Kuhles; Supervisor Gaston Defends Him

[JK: There was a problem accessing the videos when I first posted it. It is fixed]

At the January 5, 2021, City Council meeting, in an uncharacteristic public expression of frustration, Mayor Meg Kelly expressed her concerns about the lack of communication between Public Health Commissioner Daniel Kuhles and the greater Saratoga Springs community. She noted that Dr. Kuhles has yet to even contact the Saratoga Hospital’s CEO, Angelo Calbone.

Lucas Willard posted a story on the WAMC website regarding an exchange between Mayor Kelly and Supervisor Tara Gaston. Supervisor Gaston vigorously defended Dr. Kuhles and the health department. In the story Willard notes that:

WAMC has also met a lack of communication from the county’s public health department. A request last week submitted through a public relations firm retained by the county to speak with leaders about a recent outbreak of COVID-19 cases traced to an underage party in the Saratoga County Town of Wilton went unanswered.

Lucas Willard/WAMC January 6, 2021

Below are three highlights I have excerpted from the meeting along with the full unedited exchange between Mayor Kelly and Supervisor Gaston.

3 thoughts on “Mayor Kelly Voices Frustration With County Health Commissioner Kuhles; Supervisor Gaston Defends Him”

  1. Well this gave me quite the chuckle, I’ve been wondering where our Mayor has been for months now. This resident suggests she take some of her own advice, when was the last time she came out to address anything? In my 20+ years living here, I can’t remember a Mayor who was so removed from the public, you’d think she’s being forced to do the job. Truly disappointing.

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    1. I agree Mr. Hawthorne.

      But why are people so paralyzed when they don’t receive their marching orders from elected officials? We elect them and they serve us, not boss us around. And why can’t anyone pick up the phone themselves? When did we become so helpless and dependent on other people to ask questions?

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    2. What exactly are you looking for her to address? The City Council meetings are available to stream, so it’s not like she’s gone missing. Given how COVID protocols are handled there’s little the city can do itself in response, and with our form of government she does not have the mayoral powers other New York mayors have. I much prefer how Mayor Kelly is handling herself compared to prior mayors who made empty speeches and proclamations to benefit themselves rather than Saratoga Springs.


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