Will County Administrator Spencer Hellwig Be Disciplined?

According to an article by Wendy Liberatore in the December 17, 2020, edition of the Times Union, the county has yet to decide what action to take regarding its County Administrator, Spencer Hellwig, if any. As the readers may recall, an independent report commissioned by the county documented repeated mismanagement regarding COVID-19 raises.

Liberatore reports that Ballston Supervisor Eric Connolly will be authorized to decide who, if anyone, will be disciplined for the COVID19 bonus debacle.

Connolly is quoted: “The personnel matters that I have been authorized to deal with are internal and therefore must remain confidential,” so we may never know if they do anything.

Connolly did offer that the External Report Review Committee, which he chairs, will be making recommendations to the Board of Supervisors about reforms growing out of the pay raise debacle.

Whatever Connolly should decide, the potential takeover of leadership of the Board of Supervisors in January by representatives of the larger towns in the county puts further doubt on Hellwig’s future. Members of the insurgent supervisor group had pushed earlier this year for his dismissal. There is reason to believe that the change in leadership puts Human Resources Director Margaret (“Marcy”) McNamara’s future in jeopardy as well.

2 thoughts on “Will County Administrator Spencer Hellwig Be Disciplined?”

  1. Connolly’s use of “it’s a personnel matter” is what is known as a politician hitting the pause button.
    Therefore JK, the answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind.


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